Monday, November 10, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.8: Perspectives and Death

A spectacular, taught and powerful Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight - 2.8 - the best of the season. Hmmm ... I've been saying that for just about every episode this season, because it's all true. I'd say The Sarah Connor Chronicles is now reliably the best science fiction show on television.

This week we got a great multiple perspective story, with overlapping tellings of the story from the points of view of Sarah, John, Cameron, Ellison, Derek and ... Cromartie. Riley was in the story, too.

The action was superb and breakneck, and I had a feeling that someone was going to die, and, logically, it could have been Riley, because she's not - presumably - an essential character. But I hoped she didn't, because I think she's an important character, and I wanted to see her continue, and maybe become a regular character on the series.

Riley (well played by Leven Rambin) survives - even though we don't see her in the last scene.

The death turns out to be Cromartie's. But that does not necessarily means "he" is permanently out of the picture, because who knows how many more models of him Skynet can crank out and send back in time.

Though, it's not clear that if a new Cromartie is sent back, will it have the same memories and logic as the one who was killed tonight? Will it have the same sense that Ellison will lead it to John - even though in the end Ellison led Cromartie to his death? Possibly - if tonight's late Cromartie was able to communicate its knowledge to Skynet at some point a little prior to its death.

And if a new Cromartie does not return? Skynet of course could send back a completely different killer Terminator....

And/or, we can't rule out completely that one such model may already be back in 2008, and very close to John ....

I'm thinking , of course, Cameron. And I have a very strong feeling that we've yet to see her true nature and purpose. Not to mention that, if she's still apparently a little damaged, as she apparently is, then whatever her programmed purpose, good or bad, she could still do something opposite.

The coming attractions speak of some change in lives due to time travel. Lives and machines already in flux, and unpredictable, and then the whammy of rugs pulled out from under all of that and us via time travel.... This series beginning to be better in some ways then the movies.

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