Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Just Voted Democratic for Obama

Readers will of course not be surprised that I voted for Obama.

But I don't often vote for candidates on the Democratic line.

Not that I ever vote Republican.

But, over the years, I've tried to vote for the Democratic candidates on other party lines - Liberal, Workers, whatever. Not that I considered myself a member or supporter of those parties. But I wanted to keep the Democrats honest, or, punish them, in a small way, for something I didn't like in the primaries, or in how they voted in Congress. So I denied my vote to the Democratic Party, and voted for the Democratic candidate on another line.

Not today. I've never been more proud of the Democratic Party - the way they conducted the primaries, and the Presidential campaign.

I'm looking forward to Barack Obama being elected President today, and the Democrats getting impregnable majorities in both Houses of Congress.

If they don't do the right thing, we'll have recourse in two years. We live, after all, in a democracy.
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