Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fringe 7: A Bullet Can Scramble a Dead Brain's Transmission

Back to reviewing Fringe now that the election is over ... and it's getting down to some wild, cutting edge science fiction, with the good guys trying to tweeze information not only from a dead human brain, but one which died because a bullet went through it.

This of course doesn't faze Walter, who even has an explanation for why Peter's reception of the dead guy's information is just a bunch of lines - the bullet in the brain messed up the transmission, resulting in the incomplete transfer. A dead brain is like a fax working fine. A dead brain with a bullet in it - that's like a fax running out of ink.

The sheer daring of this plot line appeals to me. Once you trespass into the realm of science fiction, anything is possible, as long as it has a logical basis. And, yes, once we accept that a dead brain can convey information, it makes perfect sense that a brain that died by a gun shot would be an unreliable telephone.

Fringe, though, is still dancing around the corners of who is really responsible for all of these bizarre phenomena. Presumably some living brains. But, with Fringe, you never know, and that's part of its charm.

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