Saturday, November 22, 2008

Penultimate True Blood: Looking for Another Killer

Well, the next to last episode of True Blood was powerful and provocative. Amy died happy. Jason's reaction made perfect sense. The kiss between Sookie and Sam was satisfying - at least to the viewer - and Bill's travails with that white trash vampire had just the right dollop of humor. I liked Tara, her mother, and whatever it is that Michelle Forbes is playing.

But I gotta say that I don't see Rene as the killer. Yeah, he had that conversation with Jason earlier on that fateful day, and he's certainly been around close enough to do the killings - but he just seemed too decent throughout the whole previous part of the series.

I know, that could be his front. And we know nothing, really, of what happened to his sister. But I would have liked to see some spark of brutal insanity in Rene prior to his picture coming in on the fax.

A lot of viewers, of course, have the read books, and know from them who the killer is. All the rest of us recalcitrant television viewers will know tomorrow...

But I'm guessing ... well, we'll see...

And what about the other big question - will Sookie choose Bill or Sam? She still loves Bill, but Sam is better for her ... I'll guess Sam. Unless - he's the killer ... Can shape shifters take on the faces of other humans?

I should have read the books ... But we'll know the answers tomorrow.

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