Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've Never Been Prouder of America - We Just Elected President Obama!!

And now it's official: America has elected Barack Obama its next President.

This is a triumph for everyone who values freedom and democracy. First time voters, African-Americans, Latinos - and everyone else who saw the need for a new way of governing this country. It was a victory for the Internet, for grass roots organization, for common sense. A victory over the lies that the Republicans have been hurling at Democrats and the American people for decades now.

The electoral votes for Barack Obama are currently over 330 - Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa - all of those Republican strongholds went to Obama!

This a revolution as great as FDR's in the 1930s...

John McCain just gave a very gracious concession speech...

I have never more more proud to be an American!
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