Friday, November 21, 2008

Life on Mars #7: Is Annie Real? Or, Is Life on Mars a False Memory?

Where else can someone be shot twice at point blank range in the chest, by his father, and recover so quickly that he dashes out of the hospital a day later? And the father and son are pretty much the same age? Why, on Life on Mars, in New York, of course...

And last night's episode #7 did all of that, and packed the most wallop we've seen so far in this surreal series. Sam from 2008, back in 1973, really gets to know his father, well played by Dean Winters of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And there's a significant change in 1973 "history" - or maybe just the history that Sam is dreaming in his coma - as Sam's intervention prevents his father from killing ... Annie!

Which, again, raises the tantalizing question of what's really going on. Sam's quick recovery from his father's gunshots says coma - Sam isn't really back in 1973, he's dreaming it. But what about Sam's saving Annie?

Was there really an Annie Norris back in that 1973 precinct? Is Sam's memory, which he finally can see, that his father killed Annie back then, a real memory - or is it what we call today a false memory, not necessarily implanted, but brought on by the trauma of Sam's accident in 2008?

We'll need to see Sam back in 2008, awaking from his coma, to get answers to those questions - and to find out if Sam's "presence" back in 1973 has truly changed anything back then, or in 2008.... For example, what, if Annie is real, is she up to in 2008 (if she's still alive)?

Fortunately, we'll be able to learn more when Life on Mars resumes in 2009...

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